introducing Easylube® Automatic Lubricators

Not sure if your bearings are getting enough grease? Do you remember the last time they were properly greased? PMT is proud to offer Easylube® Automatic Lubricators to help keep your equipment properly greased and help prevent costly breakdowns and unwanted downtime. Easy to install, refill and operate, Easylube® Automatic Lubricators can help you and your team focus your attention on more important issues in your facility.


what do you get with an easylube® purchase?

  • Financial savings are HUGE. The unit is refillable, to there's no costly replacement headaches. You set the dispensing rate, so there is no wasted grease or time.
  • Reliable and dependable. Safe for hazardous locations, Easylube® cartridges are corrosion, dust and moisture resistant and offer warning notifications when empty or if blockage has occurred.  100% quality and satisfaction guaranteed are also great reasons to order today.
  • Quality is key. With the RFID system, you can easily access and track your bearing to determine if adjustments need to be made. Having the ability to adjust the frequency of application from hours to months gives you complete control on your bearing lifespan.