why get an infrared scan?

Infrared thermography is probably one of the most common and well known predictive Maintenance technologies on the market. This doesn’t diminish the impact that in can have on your maintenance team. Infrared thermography can help identify unsafe hot-spots on equipment, unseen bearing wear and misalignments. Infrared inspections provide a means to view systems (electrical, mechanical, building envelopes) under normal operating conditions to identify abnormally hot (or cool) areas or components. Infrared is a powerful maintenance tool. In many instances, equipment failure is preceded by a period of increasing heat. This is especially true of electrical equipment. With infrared thermography, you can identify overheating electrical connections and other machine components, so you can schedule repairs to be made during planned downtime. This increases reliability and productivity for the entire operation.


what are the effects of an infrared scan?

  • Financial savings are HUGE. Fewer interruptions while in operation mean more uptime and greater productivity. Equipment problems are fixed before they fail and damage or destroy the rest of the machine. Identifying developing problems and planning the repairs results in fewer “panic situations”, those costly predicaments that force excessive overtime and monetary premiums for emergency rush equipment orders.
  • Safety is always first. An industrial process that runs reliably and without surprises produces a safer work environment.  Many industrial processes are complex and run at high speed.  A sudden failure on one machine can have a cascading effect of failures that may include flying debris. Fire avoidance is crucial as well. Overheated electrical connections can start fires. You may have heard of a fire in your area that it was caused by “faulty wiring”.  This means many things including bad design and overloaded circuits.  It also commonly means a bad electrical connection that was overheating and was not found in time.
  • Quality is key. A process that runs reliably will produce higher quality than a process that experiences sudden stops, mechanical wrecks, and a lack of maintenance to key components.

Why Choose PMT?

Anyone can point and shoot a camera, right? Do you know that there is more to it when it comes to infrared? PMT professionals are trained to identify and adjust for emissivity, spot size ratio, correct range/distance and proper temperature scale in order to produce an accurate thermographic reading. By utilizing an infrared thermography program from PMT along with a sound maintenance philosophy, you can reduce your unscheduled downtime, increase equipment life & reliability, increase safety and company profits by reducing your repair costs.

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Below is a sample of PMT's easy to read Infrared Report with machine status and pro-active recommendation(s).