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We Have 85+ Combined Years Of Experience, Training & Certifications

Catastrophic or unplanned down times can dramatically add to operating costs. Maintenance teams must find ways to prevent catastrophic equipment failures, unplanned staff downtime, and reduce unnecessary costs in a challenging business environment. Increased mechanical reliability is a direct path to effectively managing equipment costs, part inventory, and prevents possible resulting liabilities. PMT technicians are certified with Level I, II, and III vibration analysis and Level II infrared technology.

PMT's Mission:

Through our highly-trained team, we will maximize our customer's assets using technology, service, quality and training.

PMT's Purpose:

Maximize each company's assets by identifying and eliminating the weakest link.

PMT's Vision:

Through professional team development, technology and strong internal communication, PMT will drive business development.

What can PMT Do For Me? 

PMT offers a wide variety of services that can help keep your production going strong. From balances to vibration, mechanical repair to non-destructive testing, PMT is there for you.

After the preliminary on-site analysis is performed, our certified technicians conduct a careful, in-depth analysis once they return to the office. Their education and experience allows them to provide you with a detailed report concerning the equipment or service performed. We will follow up with a phone call or visit to ensure the work was performed to your complete satisfaction and that you have a full understanding of the findings. We’ll even discuss proactive measures to assist in keeping your operation running.

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Motion amplification technology

What is a No-Cost, No-Obligation Machine Wellness Check?

If you're not sure if PMT can help your company save money, we will come at no cost to you. We will take vibration readings on up to eight machines of your choice to see if there is bearing wear, an imbalance or if there are other potential failure factors affecting your machines that could potentially break down, causing unwanted downtime and resulting in lost profit. Along with this service, PMT will conduct a 30-minute Infrared Reading or Ultrasonic Leak Detection to determine if your machinery is running too hot, or if you are losing valuable air or gas. We will then take all of this information, analyze it and create an easy to read analysis report with call to action suggestions for you to review.
Team Members

We Always Work With A Great Team.

Rob Sander CEO & Founder
Tim Navrkal General Manager
Tal Sander Reliability Manager

What Our Clients Say

Outstanding job
"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the outstanding job you and your group did with Siouxland Ethanol’s Mechanical Integrity testing. From the first time we sat down with the job scope, to getting the results of the testing. The representatives you sent were truly professional and promptly answered any questions that arose throughout the service. You and your group made quick and concise work of the job and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on you again for your services."

Kevin Erickson

Siouxland Ethanol - Jackson, NE

Pays for itself

"I was asked to improve reliability and reduce breakdowns at our plant. I interviewed several Vibration Analysis and Infrared testing companies to help us out. I talked to all the Vibration/Infrared companies within our area, and picked PMT to provide this service for Golden Aluminum. In the last ten years this service has paid for itself several times over. PMT has identified many faults in time for us to plan out the repairs. PMT also provides in-house Infrared services, where the other companies have to sub-contract it. This makes spot checks very quick and easy to do while the Technician is here. PMT also provides our Laser Alignment, on all sizes of motor and gearboxes."

Bob Thompson

Golden Aluminum - Fort Lupton, CO

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