Easy Lube Auto Greasers

Keep your maintenance teams free from the hassle of making sure your equipment is greased properly and timely by installing Easylube Automatic Lubricators. Easy to install, refill and operate. Even safe for hazardous locations. With the RFID system you can easily access and track your bearing to determine if adjustments [...]

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Shutdown repairs fast turnaround services and equipment

Shutdown / Repairs

Precision is critical and so is having it done right the first time! PMT has been offering precision mechanical repairs and installations since 1997 and holds a high level of standards for our work by meeting ISO Predictive Maintenance standards 24/7. We conduct tests such as bearing clearance and proper [...]

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Advanced Vibration

When a deeper look is needed, we take more readings and perform a Bump Test or Phase Analysis. With the Bump Test, vibration excitation forces from its normal operation should be away from natural frequencies to avoid resonant response that can cause high destructive levels. Phase Analysis is used when [...]

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The most common source of vibration is unbalance. PMT has experience balancing motors, fans, pumps, choppers and almost any other type of rotating equipment. Keeping your rotating equipment balanced helps keep your machines running longer and more efficiently. PMT’s use of technology allows accurate balancing right where the equipment sits [...]

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Nearly 50% of all breakdowns are caused by misalignments, causing downtime, and repairs costing you time and money. Vibration can notify you of a misalignment within the sheaves or shaft. Proper alignment is vital! Misalignment contributes to approximately 1/3 of all bearing failures. Misalignments can indicate the following possible: Seal [...]

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Reliability assessment analysis to predict machine failures

Reliability Assessment

Want to see how it works? A complimentary on-site data collection is performed by PMT on machines you select. PMT certified technicians will conduct a careful in-depth analysis looking for bearing wear, imbalances, or other potential failure factors affecting your machines that could lead to break downs, downtime and loss [...]

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Ultrasonic testing inspections to detect machine issues

Ultrasonic Testing

Using ultrasonics can help eliminate wasted dollars from lost compressed air, faulty steam traps, or lubrication issues and more. According to US Dept of Energy, one quarter of ALL compressed air is wasted through leaks. By utilizing this complex tool you can help eliminate lost dollars due to small cracks [...]

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