The most common source of vibration is unbalance. PMT has experience balancing motors, fans, pumps, choppers and almost any other type of rotating equipment. Keeping your rotating equipment balanced helps keep your machines running longer and more efficiently. PMT’s use of technology allows accurate balancing right where the equipment sits on-site.

Everything that rotates needs to be in a state of balance in order to run smoothly while in operation. As machine speed increases, the effect of an unbalance becomes more apparent. 

Balance rotating equipment such as motors, fans, pumps and more

What are the effects of an unbalance?

  • Premature belt
  • Bearing wear
  • Shaft, frame or structural damage
  • Increased amp draw
Bearings, housings, foundations, supports and structures all play a part in keeping your rotating equipment balanced. When these effects happen, a machine’s life span can be significantly reduced. Vibration coming off the machinery can be transmitted to adjacent machines affecting their performance.