Reliability assessment analysis to predict machine failures

Reliability Assessment

Want to see how it works? A complimentary on-site data collection is performed by PMT on machines you select. PMT certified technicians will conduct a careful in-depth analysis looking for bearing wear, imbalances, or other potential failure factors affecting your machines that could lead to break downs, downtime and loss [...]

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Ultrasonic testing inspections to detect machine issues

Ultrasonic Testing

Using ultrasonics can help eliminate wasted dollars from lost compressed air, faulty steam traps, or lubrication issues and more. According to US Dept of Energy, one quarter of ALL compressed air is wasted through leaks. By utilizing this complex tool you can help eliminate lost dollars due to small cracks [...]

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Infrared technology to predict machine failure

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is much more than just “point and shoot”. It takes a trained professional to identify a potential costly and catastrophic problem. PMT professionals are trained to identify and adjust for emissivity, spot size ratio, correct range/distance and proper temperature scale in order to produce and accurate reading. Infrared [...]

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Vibration analysis - vibration analyzer - digivibe

Vibration Analysis

What causes machine vibration and why you’d definitely want a vibration program from PMT? You’d be surprised by the answers in what you can’t see. Vibration Analysis is the most commonly used technology to increase equipment reliability. It is essential in predictive maintenance to aid in determining potential issues that may lead to [...]

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