Corrective Action

Corrective maintenance is reactive in nature. Every time a product or system fails, repair or restoration must follow to restore its operability. The following steps constitute corrective maintenance:

  • Once the failure has been detected, it must be confirmed. If the failure is not confirmed, the item generally is returned to service. This no-fault-found problem leads to a considerable waste of time at significant cost. It also entails carrying an unnecessarily large inventory all the time.
  • If the failure is confirmed, the item is prepared for maintenance and the failure report is completed.
  • Localization and isolation of a failed part in the assembly is the natural next step in corrective maintenance.
  • The failed part is removed for disposal or repair. If disposed of, a new part is installed in its place. Examples of repairable parts and connections include broken connections, an open circuit board on a PCB, or a poor solder.
  • The item may be reassembled, realigned, and adjusted after repair. It is checked before being put back to use.
Predictive Maintenance Services

Our Corrective Action Services Include:

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