Reliability controlled maintenance schedule

Reliability Controlled Maintenance (RCM)

: Technicians will utilize the reliability assessment report to design a customize a company program while taking into consideration a budget, equipment and maintenance schedule. A cross mix use of predictive maintenance technologies and tools is most effective to target critical or company-wide equipment and pinpoint key areas. Use of a RCM program coupled with corrective action steps, such as balances and alignments, can give you and your company the upper hand in running your processing very smoothly.
Reliability controlled maintenance rcm program

What do you get with an RCM program?

When you choose an RCM Program from PMT, you get easy to read detailed reports on the following:
  • Vibration readings and analysis that helps determine if equipment will be in need of repair
  • Electrical/mechanical infrared reading on equipment or panels, pinpointing catastrophic hot-spots.
  • AND/OR ultrasonic testing to help detect air leaks and eliminate lost dollars due to small cracks and loose fittings in your compressed air system.